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          Tel:+86-576-85588848 +86-15712697086
          About Us

          Founded in 2002, Zhejiang Benfor locates in national level pharmaceutical and chemical material base-Linhai park, with total area of 120 acres. We mainly engage in production, sales and R&D of pharmaceutical APIs, Intermediates and other chemical materials. Our main products are: DIBP (30000 ton/y), intermediates of Torasemide, Dipyridamole, Paroxetine,Meropenem intermediates(4-BMA,f-9,MAP and side chain),Tazobactam and Tazobactam Diphenylmethyl Ester,Imipenem intermediate-BCK and other Carbapenem products. As a national level high-tech enterprise, Benfor has 200 employees, and the professional faculty amount to 35%. With fixed assets of 100 million, Benfor owns advanced manufacturing facilities, techniques, analysis instruments, improved treatment system of the “three-wastes” and eco-friendly production base. Our quality assurance system is also perfect. Each year more than 10 famous customers from home and abroad to visit our company;our quality management system is well-recognized by them.

          In 2012, the total revenue reached 0.2 billion RMB, and it will be expected 0.3 billion RMB in 2013. For these years, Benfor insists enterprise tenet of "Quality first, Client paramount, Credit first, Credit essential". Basing on the operation concept of "Win win, Mutual Development, Pursue Perfection", we are looking forward to cooperate with friends from all lines.

          Zhejiang Benfor Biotech Co., Ltd.

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